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Are you marketing nutritional supplements to aging populations?

Competition is fierce.

You need to stand out in the crowd. But how?

Messages about quality and efficacy obviously are important. So are messages about safety…like FDA-registered laboratory…and GMP-certified manufacturing.

Certified organic ingredients and controlled sourcing can be key differentiators.

Also important are messages about integrity…principles…transparency…and authenticity.

In today’s multi-billion dollar supplements market, however, consumers want more.

Like value-added content. Educational content is critical for product and brand differentiation. Consumers want content that helps them understand your products – what the ingredients are…what they do…how your products differ from other products in the marketplace…and why they should ultimately buy from you.

Beyond that, they want content that shows you care…about them…and those who support your mission and your brand. Healthy lifestyle tips about diet, exercise, and meditation. Invest in this type of content to increase customer loyalty…boost engagement…increase brand awareness. In today’s world, it’s no surprise that consumers are also looking for a commitment to “people and the planet.” Social and environmental initiatives, particularly global in nature, help you stand tall in the crowd. Sustainable sourcing, health education, and charitable product donations. These efforts provide a great foundation for storytelling…

And telling stories enables you to build trust.

Increasing in importance is content that encourages social interaction. Consumers want to be able to engage others…whether it’s on a company blog, your website, or your social media.

The ideal marketing strategy? A comprehensive one.

Let Karyl show you how…with engaging copywriting and content marketing.

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